25 November 2015

My 1st GiveAway =)

Hi dolls, saya dengan berbesar hati nak buat GiveAway! Chewah... Ok this is my 1st Giveaway yea, do support me yea. If banyak yang support GA saya yang first ni ofcos saya akan buat GA banyak lagi.. =)

Syarat-syarat giveaway ni:

1. Follow blog
2. Follow Google + 
3. Buat satu entri tentang giveaway ni, letakkan banner, beserta backlink, kemudian publishkan.
4. TInggalkan URL blog korang di ruangan komen entri ini. 

Pemenang akan dipilih secara random and will walk away with NANO Lighter. 


24 November 2015

Been Busy lately....

It's been a while since my last post right? I do feel nice when ever I sit in front of my lappy and start blogging. Erhmm, I got no Idea what to blog today so I will just start blabbering about my life.. Haha

Well, past 2 weeks I've been going here and there to settle my personal things and fall sick almost every week nowadays. I do feel tired and just want to GIVE UP about everything in my LIFE. 

But i'm not COWARD to face it ! 


I decided to face all the challenge and will make sure I win every battle. 

I want my FREEDOM , 
I want my HAPPINESS!  

I decide what will happen in my LIFE. 

Till the next entry dearies ! =) 

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